The Core Composition Sequence at Kingsborough Community College, CUNY

CRC | Composition Review Committee

Since 2014, the CRC has provided a venue for fruitful, thought-provoking conversations and collaborations among faculty who teach Composition I and/or II, which is nearly all members of the English department faculty. The CRC is our way of ensuring that faculty governance provides direction to the program as a whole.

Brief History and Plans for 2023-24

The CRC has focused on a number of different projects over the years, including developing materials to support an expansion of online learning and composition program assessment. However, since 2019, our primary focus has been on curriculum revision. This process began with deep reading in scholarship focused on issues of equity in composition courses. The redesigned curriculum structure for English 1200/12A0 that emerged was informed by our equity-focused reading and discussions as well as by our growing knowledge of more contemporary approaches to composition courses that reflect modern composing, reading, and rhetorical practices. During the 2021-22 academic year, we finalized the English 1200/12A0 curriculum, including revised Course Learning Outcomes and new sample teaching materials. The revised CLOs were approved by a departmental vote in Spring 2022.

Beginning in Fall 2022-23, the CRC shifted its focus to revising the English 2400 curriculum. We began by reviewing the two-course sequence prior to the revision of English 1200, sharing approaches to assignments and course design, discussing what elements should distinguish the two courses in the sequence, and reading texts relevant to thinking through our students literacy needs in the current moment. Our work during the 2023-23 academic year will focus on piloting assignments and refining draft versions of new curriculum materials in order to bring this material to the English Department for approval in spring 2024.

Participation in the CRC typically involves attending 4-5 synchronous meetings per semester in addition to independent and small group work. FT faculty receive .5 credit hours per semester (1 credit per year) for full CRC participation; PT faculty receive the equivalent in NTA hours — 12.5 NTA hours per semester (25 per year).