The Core Composition Sequence at Kingsborough Community College, CUNY

The Composition Sequence

Our Composition Sequence is composed of two distinct but clearly related courses. Comp I (Eng 12/12A0) seeks to develop the student-as-writer, and Comp II (Eng 24) focuses on the student-writer engaging with the world. In designing these sequential courses, we aim for students to lay a foundation for participating in and ultimately contributing to vital conversations happening within and beyond their college experience. 

In Comp I, students develop skills of rhetorical analysis and research to express their own ideas and make meaning through writing in multiple genres. Through reading and writing, students in this course deepen and reflect upon their relationship to language, to outside perspectives, and to their own emerging identities as writers and students. 

In Comp II, students continue to establish their own writing practice and learn to participate in larger discourse and research communities. Whereas Comp I asks students to explore basic rhetorical situations and develop and reflect upon their unique informed perspectives as writers, in Comp II students further balance their own thinking in dialogue with more perspectives and practice writing in research-based genres for diverse public audiences. At its core, this course emphasizes research as a vehicle for connection and engagement with the communities of which students are a part. 

The two-course progression from Comp I to Comp II offers Kingsborough students a cohesive, in-depth learning experience, with Comp II emphasizing real-world integrations of the writing, reading, and rhetorical analysis skills learned in Comp I. Our overall goal is to prepare students for the complex language and literacy exigencies that they will meet across the disciplines, in the workplace, and in the world.