The Core Composition Sequence at Kingsborough Community College, CUNY

English 2400 | Composition 2

Mission Statement

The Composition program at Kingsborough is grounded in the belief that higher education should foster social awareness, an acceptance of social responsibility, and active participation in meeting the challenges of living in a democratic society. While we focus on instilling critical literacy practices and habits that are necessary for students in our colleges and society, we do so with the overarching purpose of helping our students recognize our mutual responsibility for each other in our college, in our communities, and on our planet. Students in English 24 should expect to hone their critical reading, researching, and writing skills through inquiries into themes and issues that relate to social engagement.


Course Description

English 24, our Composition II course, is a required three-credit course that meetsĀ four hours per week. It is an interdisciplinary reading, writing, and research course focusing on the various ways knowledge is produced and articulated within the academy. Through an interdisciplinary process of inquiry, students of English 24 will engage in several research projects, each of which will require them to deepen their knowledge of different modes of research and information literacy. Students must pass English 12 before taking English 24.


The documents below include a description of the curriculum structure, a syllabus template that indicates what needs to be included in your syllabus, and several sample syllabi.

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