The Core Composition Sequence at Kingsborough Community College, CUNY


The 2019-20 CRC read extensively in the scholarly literature on equity issues in curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment in composition courses. Below are readings from our seminar meetings that year.

Readings Spring 2020

Jay Dolmage “Mapping Composition: Inviting Disability in the Front Door”

Horner, Lu, Royster, & Trimbur “Language difference in writing: toward a translingual approach” 

Jerry Won Lee “Beyond Translingual Writing” 

Aja Martinez “A Plea for Critical Race Theory Counterstory: Stock Story versus Counterstory Dialogues Concerning Alejandra’s “Fit” in the Academy” 

Andrea Parmegiani “Bridging Literacy Practices Through Storytelling, Translanguaging, and an Ethnographic Partnership: A Case Study of Dominican Students at Bronx Community College”

Villareal & Garcia “Self-determination and Goal Aspirations: African American and Latino Males’ Perceptions of Their Persistence in Community College Basic and Transfer-Level Writing Courses”

Anne-Marie Womack “Teaching is Accommodation: Universally Designing Composition Classrooms and Syllabi”

Wood, Harrison, & Jones “Black Males’ Perceptions of the Work-College Balance: The Impact of Employment on Academic Success in the Community College”

Readings Fall 2019

Asao Inoue “Problematizing Grading and the White Habitus of the Writing Classroom”

Mara Lee Grayson “Racial Literacy is Literacy: Locating Racial Literacy in the College Composition Classroom”

Vershawn Ashanti-Young “It Ain’t What It is: Code Switching and the White American Celebrationists”

Vershawn Ashanti-Young “Should Writers Use They Own English?”

Horner, Lu, Royster “Language difference in writing: Toward a translingual approach”

Jerry Won Lee “Beyond Translingual Writing”

Allison Skerrett “English teachers’ racial literacy knowledge and practice”

Yolanda Sealey Ruiz “Building Racial Literacy in First-Year Composition” 

Camen Kynard “Writing While Black: The Colour Line, Black discourses and assessment in the institutionalization of writing instruction”

Carmen Kynard’s letter regarding why she left John Jay College

Carmen Kynard on metacognitive writing

Radical Teacher vol 115 focused on Anti-Oppressive Composition Pedagogies


Below are various documents the CRC has read and used in its work over the past few years.