The Core Composition Sequence at Kingsborough Community College, CUNY


AY 2019-2020

CRC Spring Research Projects


In the past, the CRC members have done an annual “Fall Research Project” — a classroom-based inquiry — as a way of deepening their understanding of student learning and as a way of conducting program-wide assessment for the Composition Program. Beginning this year, we’ve shifted these research projects to the spring term in order to allow CRC members to have more time to think through and plan the type of research project they’d like to conduct in their own classrooms. We hope that, by shifting the timeline for these projects, faculty will feel able to plan their projects more intentionally and simply get more out of the experience.

For spring 2020, faculty should design Spring Research Projects (individually and/or in groups of like-minded colleagues) small, classroom-based research projects that are, in some way, interested in issues of “equity” in their classrooms. In designing your project, try to be quite specific about what you’d like to examine, and think about how will you “capture” some empirical data on it, and how you will assess the “equity” aspect of it. For example, will you ask/survey students about their perceptions of a particular reading or in-class experience? ¬†Or will you do an analysis of student writing in response to different readings or assignments? Will you experiment with your own version of labor based grading and see how that changes outcomes in your course? Problematizing and operationalizing what “equity” might mean is part of the intellectual task of this project, and it will likely look different across our various approaches.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Annie at any time with questions.


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