The Core Composition Sequence at Kingsborough Community College, CUNY

Secondary Research on Digital Learning

Computer-Based Evaluation and Instruction

“Automated Essay Evaluation: The Criterion Online Writing Service” (2004)

shared by Tom Lavazzi

“Essay Grading Goes Digital” (2003)

shared by Tom Lavazzi

“From Generating in the Lab to Tutoring Systems in Classrooms” (2015)

shared by Tom Lavazzi

Creating Rich Online Learning Environments 

“Can Virtual Reality Revolutionize Education?” (2018)

shared by Elroy Esdaille

“Degree of Hybridity: Peer Review in the Blended Composition Classroom” (2013)

shared by Rick Armstrong

“Don’t Waste My Time; Exploring the Reflective Journaling Requirement in the Student Teaching Experience” (2014) 

shared by Toby Zipper

“From Digital Literacies to Problem Solving: Expanding Technology-rich Learning Opportunities for Adults” (2017) 

shared by Jennifer Oliveri, Donna-lyn Washington, and Sheri Weinstein

“Ubiquitous Research: Integrating Library Resources into Online Courses” (2010)

shared by Mary Lynn Navarro

Teachers as Designers

How to create usable course sites

shared by Annie Del Principe

Designing Online Courses: User-Centered Practices (2001)

shared by Annie Del Principe

Equity in OWI

Multilingual Writers and OWI

shared by Annie Del Principe

Nontraditional Student Access to OWI

shared by Annie Del Principe

Social Constructivism & elearning

  • ePortfolios

“Composing, Networks, and Electronic Portfolios: Notes Toward a Theory of Assessing ePortfolios” (2013)

shared by Gene McQuillan

  • Discussion Boards

“Online Discussions: Tips for Instructors”

shared by Sheri Weinstein

“When students want to stand out: Discourse moves in online classroom discussion that reflect students’ needs for distinctiveness” (2016)

shared by Sheri Weinstein

  • Hybrid Education

“Blended and Asynchronous Course Effectiveness in First-Year Composition: A Case Study” (2016)

shared by Michelle Gabay

  • Multi-modal Learning

“The Impact of Audiobooks on Reading Comprehension and Enjoyment” (2016)

shared by Sara Rutkowski

“Does Modality Matter? The Effects of Reading, Listening, and Dual Modality on Comprehension” (2016)

shared by Sara Rutkowski

  • Video Commenting

“Evaluating Written, Video and Audio Feedback in Higher Education Summative Assessment Tasks” (2015)

shared by Emily Schnee